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November 28, 2014

Book 37 of My 2014 Goal

Tales From Little Lump - Night of the Undead Snow Monkeys (Tales From Little Lump #2)Tales From Little Lump - Night of the Undead Snow Monkeys by Jeff Folschinsky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tales From Little Lump - Night of the Undead Snow Monkeys by Jeff Folschinski is a short story that picks up where the previous book, Tales From Little Lump - Alien Season leaves off.(Just look at the covers, you will have no problem telling they go together.) Some may think this is a stand alone book since you are told in one short paragraph how they got to this point but all the character development is done in the first book and you'd be missing too much to really get the full effect of this story so read the Alien Season first. It is a funny and good book and you won't be sorry you did.

The best way to describe the characters in the story is to think of The Beverly Hillbillies. Sort of that innocent stupidity and craziness going on all the while holding a shot gun and knowing how to use it. As I said, the character development was done more in the first book with very little being done here. This book was more of interactions of the characters and of course how they react to crazy situations they find themselves in.

The story was told in the first person, Gerite, which makes the story all the more funnier. She is a hoot! Some of the things she comes out with and thinks has me laughing non-stop. An example of this is when she and Cousin Tommy where looking for a relatives bunker and came across a sign saying there was no bunker there. Cousin Tommy looks at the sign and asks what they should do now, there is no bunker there.

"Now, I've said it many times over the years. I really do love my family, but Cousin Tommy's reaction to the Smiggly's sign really does make me understand why some ancient cultures used to leave their young alone in the woods to see which of them were smart enough to make it back home alive."
"I sighed and replied, It's a red herring, Cousin Tommy."
"Gertie, are you feeling okay?"
"I'm fine, why do you ask?"
"Because, I don't know exactly how to put this, but what we're looking at is a sign, not a fish."
"Yep, those ancient cultures were really on to something."

The characters are the same ones from the previous book and in this book you even find out some things that I don't recall being told in the first book, such as how Little Lump got its name. It also ties the two books together perfectly because when I started reading this book, I remembered the characters and the place but I was lost as to why there were monkeys running around. Undead Snow Monkeys to be more exact but any ways, it does tie in and everything makes sense. I thought the first book was funnier but believe me, there was no shortage of humor in this one as well. I recommend it to anyone who likes short stories that just make you laugh.

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