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February 20, 2017

The Journey to Magmatic by Ya'akov Halevy

the journey to magmaticthe journey to magmatic by Ya'akov halevy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The cover of the book is eye catching and once I opened it and starting reading, I couldn't put it down for very long. I totally enjoyed this journey into the center of the earth myself. I will definitely be adding this to my grandchildren's "Recommended to Read" list.

The language was clear and error free, descriptive, and very imaginative. When Tulip and her little brother Noonie were accidentally taken to the center of the earth, the creatures they met along the way were quite the sight. They were described in such detail that there was no problem visualizing what the children were seeing.

Both Tulip and Noonie were the main characters and they were quite realistic as far as being smart children go. Working together they did great things but like all siblings, they disagreed and/or got short with each other too. I really thought this brought some credibility into the relationship and made them more realistic characters. I also found it very interesting how the children learned and made the decisions along the way to complete their mission and stay alive in hopes to make it home to their parents that they missed so much. It showed growth and cooperation. There were times of tears, times of laughter, and times of sorrow. All this just adding that touch of realism that helped bring these characters to life.

This adventure is a steady, fast pace story with some wild imagination and ends with a twist. There is no bad language used and although the author does use some reality to it, there is no need for the reader to be a science major to understand the story. It really isn't that important that the reader understands what thermal shields are since Tulip and Noonie talk about it in the story and say what they are used for so I think it is very appropriate for children younger than YA to read too.

I definitely recommend this book for children and YA (and even older people) to read.

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