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May 6, 2013

Book Twenty-Two of my 2013 Goal

Above (Above, #1)Above by Mackie Burt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Above by Mackie Burt is a truly enjoyable fictional read that I wish was on every high school 'to read' list. The plot it is about life after death in a different sort of way. Certain people are so special that they become Guardians and have to go to school only this school is not like high school, the first book here is your life's story or to be more accurate, all the mistakes you made during your life. It is called The Book of Mistakes. Callie, the main character is one such person. She first needed to accept she was dead and then she as well as others in school tell about their lives. Much of the learning here is intense and experience can bring the reader to tears so have a tissue handy. It is extremely interesting about the lives they lived and the mistakes they made as well as the 'looking in' on those they left behind.

The writing style is good, I found it an easy read and even though it is YA read it captivated my attention and I totally enjoyed it. I also find it amazing the author is so young. (I will have to be watching for her on the bestseller list.) It is easy to follow and even though there are multiple people involved, they are all developed nicely. Many of them I couldn't help but feel their pain or sorrow as well as the happiness. It is one of those stories I got emotionally involved in which hadn't happened to this degree since Hunger Games.

This should be on everyone's must read list and I recommend this to everyone although I think females would enjoy it more than males.

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