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July 14, 2013

Book Twenty - Six of my 2013 Goal

Demi Chat And The Kent Street MysteryDemi Chat And The Kent Street Mystery by Toni Brisland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery by Toni Brisland is a very cute story. The main characters are Flannery and DemiChat. Flannery is a beagle who worked with the police department in Scotland Yard. He retires and is sent to live on Kent Street in London. When Lord Flannery arrives in his new home he is greeted by the beautiful DemiChat who is a French cat (loved Sherlock Holmes) and use to work modeling expensive jewelry for a jewelry store until the store was taken over by new owners and one of them was allergic to cats. As DemiChat was showing Flannery around they noticed a mystery right outside their window and off they go to solve it.

This fast paced story is sure to keep the attention of the young readers. The characters were all developed so complete that you can even see in your mind's eye how DemiChat stretches and hear her french accent as well as see Flannery with his big floppy ears. There are illustrations throughout the book to give visual reinforcements of the characters. You can also feel the sadness, excitement and other moods that the characters feel through the writing.

Since DemiChat is French and they come across Italian crooks, there are some French and Italian words used in the story. These words are few and very simple ones. They are either translated at the time of the writing such as DemiChat saying, "Oui, yes" or you can look up what someone saying "Manna mia" means in the list of translations at the beginning of the story.

I recommend this for young readers (my 10 year old granddaughter loved it) who like animals and mysteries.

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