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November 24, 2013

Book Thirty-Four of my 2013 Goal

A Kiki Lowenstein Short Stories Anthology Volume 1A Kiki Lowenstein Short Stories Anthology Volume 1 by Joanna Campbell Slan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kiki Lowenstein Short Story Anthology Volume 1 by Joanna Campbell Slan contains Kiki Lowenstein and the Soldier's Gift, Kiki Lowenstein and the Shark Bait, and Kiki Lowenstein and the TP Caper with excerpt from Wave Good-Bye. All of these were great short stories and I enjoyed the excerpt as well. I only read one other short story before these but what I can say about what I read so far is the author keeps her writing very easy to read so these even make great reading before bed since there is no need to take notes on who did what and when. These are all very easy to follow, great pace, not only believable characters but for the most part believable stories, and totally enjoyable.

Kiki Lowenstein and the Soldier's Gift was a little bit on the emotional side and hit a little too close to home for my comfort but just goes to show you how the story is mimicking reality in the sense that just because your at a crop doesn't mean everything and everyone will be just grand. Life as well as reality does come around and in some odd ways that you have no way to prepare for and you just have to deal with it.

Kiki Lowenstein and the Shark Bait really got to me most of the story. I wanted to grab hold of Kiki and shake some sense into her and tell her to stand up for herself. In this story she is still in college so in her defense, she is young. I was so relieved when she actually felt comfortable not fitting in with where she was and around the people she was with and picked herself up and got on with her life.

I was afraid this story was going to be one of those 'dumb woman' stories. You know the kind you see on TV in horror films where the woman is acting like she can't think for herself when the ax murder is in the house and instead of running the other way she just stand there and screams right before she gets chopped up. Well, it isn't like that I am happy to say. This story is more of her innocence and having to learn a hard lesson about love and wealth. Another believable story for the most part.

Kiki Lowenstein and the TP Caper was really a twist I wasn't expecting. Kiki has convinced me that I need to spend much more time at my local scrapbook store, I am just missing too much! Again Kiki finds herself in a situation where there was no way for her to know or prepare for it but has to deal with it.

I also am glad to have the recipes and information on some of the different techniques mentioned in the book (complete with website addresses so I can look it up.) Mostly, I am so thankful when I read that a portion of this anthology will go to the Wounded Warrior Project (again, website address given).

Seriously, how can a reader go wrong? Three great stories (warning: Kiki Lowenstein is addicting), recipes, instructions and/or information on different scrapbooking/cardmaking techniques, and helping our wounded military! This is a win/win/win situation in my book and I'm not even an author!

I did want to also mention the excerpt from Wave Good-Bye. I can so see this happening! In fact, I know it has and that is exactly how they do it. I know you don't understand what I am saying because I am not writing spoilers but let me just say from the excerpt that is in the book I totally believe the story so far including that so called customer's actions.

I recommend this book to every paper crafter and everyone who likes mysteries and young adult stories.

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