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March 30, 2014

Book 17 of My 2014 Goal

HEAVEN IS IN YOUR FUTURE: The gift you cannot refuseHEAVEN IS IN YOUR FUTURE: The gift you cannot refuse by David Arthur DuRocher
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Heaven Is In Your Future: The Gift You Can Not Refuse by David Arthur DuRocher has such a peaceful and inviting cover, I couldn't pass this book by. After all, the stairway into the clouds: stairway to heaven is what most religious people hope for when their time here on earth is done. In reading the author's description of the book, I liked his frank and easy writing about it and was interested in the 'hidden messages' he spoke about.

The author takes certain Bible Verses and interprets the meaning with his explanation of why he came to that conclusion (for the most part, there are a few things he does say that is not backed-up). What he interprets the meaning to be saying is not what we were taught in Sunday School, that is for sure. Is he wrong, then? It is a matter of who's interpretation you wish to believe. He also tried to explain some questions we are left with such as; Was what we were taught correct? If so, then why has it changed over the years? If not, then why were we taught it to begin with? In other words, there is no right or wrong here if you read it with an open mind and not let all your religious lessons get in the way with what the author is saying, it is a matter of interpretation. Let me be clear in saying that there is no 'Bible Bashing" here. He is not saying what the Bible says is totally wrong or just made up, he simply explains his interpretation of the translation (remember it was not originally in English) and in some cases it is as simple as 'and' should have been translated as 'or' which puts a whole new meaning in certain verses.

I still had some problems understanding even the author's interpretation because it seems some of it contradict itself. In chapter three the author tells us that all souls eventually go to heaven after they become baptized/free from sin. (No matter the baptism of water or fire, all souls will enter heaven.) Later on in the book the author translates Jesus telling his disciples that their souls will not experience what the kingdom of God calls death: death of the soul (with the exception of Judas). So isn't Judas (soul) sin free and he went to heaven? If the disciples are not going to have their souls die, then does that mean we all have our souls die? If all our souls die then how do we enter heaven? If all souls (or any) die, then why did the author state in his Introduction that all souls are eternal and none can ever be destroyed? Maybe I am missing the clarification of these parts which could be in a later chapter and I just didn't make the connection but as for now I am missing it and still confused. But (and I can not stress this enough) this is not a one time read, this is the type of writing that I feel needs to be read over and over and pondered. With all this information that is new (at least to me) and the insight of the author's thoughts and feelings, it is just impossible to read, understand, and digest in a single sitting.

I can't help but notice the amount of time the author put into this book, it must have been quite an undertaken. I just wish he formatted it differently because the repetitiveness did drive me crazy. Sometimes the verses are listed three or four times to make his point and I would just skip to the end of the verses which also was annoying to have to do so often. I did enjoy the casual writing the author used in his comments though.

I don't quite know how to recommend this book. After all, it isn't a story with a plot or characters, it is a work of interpretation that I did find interesting to read even though they are different from what I was raised to believe. I do recommend it to those who would be interested in reading these thoughts/interpretations, it gives some new insight as to what is possibly really being said in these verses.

*I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.

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