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February 4, 2015

Book 3 in 2015

Gypsy Hunted (Gypsy Series #1)Gypsy Hunted by Andrea Drew
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Gypsy Hunted by Andrea Drew combines two of my favorite genres, mystery and supernatural, into one book. The author wrote a nice description of the story so I am not going to recap it other than to say Gypsy, the main character in the book, is psychic and she witnesses a kidnapping which is where the main plot starts. It grabbed my attention just as the cover of the book did depicting the empty park benches at night with the light illuminating the fact that there was no one anywhere to be seen.

The book looked and sounded promising but I did have some problems with some of the characters as the story switched between them. I really think this was because the narration of the book which was in first and third person narration. In several parts I found that who I thought was talking was not the character talking and although I eventually figured it out, the time I was 'lost' was annoying and did detract from the story.

Another problem I had is the inconsistencies with the events and the time line in the story. The story itself seems to have a time line but the events that take place within the story don't. For example, at the end of chapter five Conner tells Ian that he met a woman at a dinner on Saturday night and then on Monday a girl comes into the station saying her aunt was hurt, witness to a kidnapping. He visited the hospital (although not specified, it leads me to believe he went that same day, on Monday) and discovered it was Gypsy, the woman he met at the dinner. Then he further explains she couldn't talk and one side of her body is paralyzed. Which is fine and made perfect sense but by him describing he met her on Saturday evening and then Monday he found out someone who was a witness to a kidnapping was hurt (turns out to be Gypsy) leads me to believe we are only talking a few days ago because he didn't say "last Saturday" or "Two weeks ago on Saturday," he just said he met her on "Saturday." The same with the finding out on Monday someone witnessed a kidnapping. There was again no mention of it being "last Monday." In the back of my mind we are talking only a few days ago at most was Monday (not long enough to make it "last Saturday" he met her at the dinner so the most we can be talking is five days ago) and Gypsy can't talk and is paralyzed on one side of her body and shortly after this the chapter ends.

Chapter six starts off with Gypsy in her hospital room. Soon a woman comes into her room with a wheelchair to take her to rehabilitation and she was "muttering curses under her breath" and tells the woman, "Not now, I can't. I need to use the phone, find out what's happening, I'm the only witness." The way this is written in the book leads me to believe she said it but yet just a minute ago we learned she can't talk, so how is that possible? Then I thought, maybe she wrote it on her notes and handed it to the nurse but the book just left that part out. Then that didn't make sense because how can she mutter anything or "use the phone"? It also goes on to say she "leveraged" herself into the wheelchair. She is paralyzed on one side of her body so how can she just "leverage" herself anywhere being newly paralyzed? To top it off, she goes to rehabilitation and uses the walking bars. Interesting since she can't hold herself up on the bars with her arms since 'one side is paralyzed' which also means she isn't putting her weight on her foot/leg. And it just goes on how she willed her body to move and how she wished it was still numb so it wouldn't hurt so much. Maybe what I am not getting is that in five days she is able to regain some use of her limbs and has feeling coming back as pain? But that don't explain the ability of her to talk (or not) especially when on the way out someone tells her what a good job she had done and she confirms that she said nothing because she can't talk. Again, then why right before she went to this rehabilitation session was she able to mutter, say she didn't want to go now, and she wanted to use the phone? Maybe I am just over thinking it but it just doesn't add up to me. I find things like this very annoying and hard to get through which again, really disrupts the story and take away from the flow.

But even with the above being said, I don't want you to think this story is all bad and not worth reading. The plot is good, the action was good, and the mystery and physic abilities really kept me interested. A lot of it is memorable and had a few twists that I wasn't expecting. There was also the aspect of the characters in their personal lives that made me read on. I wanted to know if Gypsy and Conner ever get that cup of coffee they said they were going to meet again for. I have a feeling romance is in the air however the author does a great lead-in so I guess I really won't know that or even if this kidnapper acted alone or is there someone else on the list until I read the next book in the series, Gypsy Cradle.

*I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.

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