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June 15, 2015

Book 15 of 2015

The Great Wall of Silence: The Silent Political Takeover of the United StatesThe Great Wall of Silence: The Silent Political Takeover of the United States by H.C. Deboard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Great Wall of Silence by H.C. Deboard is a fictional political thriller that held me captive from the start. It is well written, great plot, and a fantastic story line. Although it covers a time line going all the way back to Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Dynasty, the story takes place in the present. The fall of the Mongolian Dynasty gave birth to The Secret Society of the Mongols (SSM) and their plan was to one day rule the largest land Empire. This wasn't something they were going to do then, it was planned for the future by having each generation passing the torch to take over the world in 2014 which is where we find the main character, Addison Landon.

Addison worked for The Sun Sentinel as a full-time investigative reporter and stumbled upon bits and pieces of the SSM but needed to put it all together to expose them. Addison was totally developed in the story; everything from what she felt to what she thought. It was done in a way that made her totally interesting and there is no way to read this and not connect with her. She was tough but fragile at the same time. She had her ups and downs throughout the story and was a believable character. I loved her determination to continue even when others think she is nuts or when things got dangerous.

There are many other characters in the story, everyone from her ex-boyfriend, Michael Stone to the senate majority leader. Each of these characters were developed beautifully. If it was someone that just casual reference is made to, then only what I needed to know was revealed. If it were someone that was a secondary character then much more information was revealed. At no time did I loose or was confused by the people although I do want to stress that some of the characters are mysterious and written that way which only enhanced the thrill.

There were many mysteries that needed solving and so many twists and turns that no way had I guessed who did what and where this is going. I certainly figured on her solving the mystery about the SSM but how she pieced it together and who did what was totally surprising in most cases. I was even so surprised by one I screamed out load and scared my poor cat who was asleep beside me. This was so totally interesting that I recommend it to everyone!

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