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January 2, 2017

Lucifer and Eva: Part 1-3 by Eric Zeigler

Humanity: Lucifer and Eva part IIIHumanity: Lucifer and Eva part III by Eric Zeigler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lucifer and Eva by Eric Zeigler takes everything I know and believe about good and evil and gives it a twist. In this fast paced story, it had me questioning if the god Ehyeh is really good, is the demon Eva really bad, and if Lucifer really deserved his bad name and reputation. This wasn't written to be a new bible however it takes some of the elements of it and twists it into this story of what kept me so engrossed, I was turning page after page.

Lucifer and Michael are the sons of the god Ehyeh and are what I think of as a traditional angle with wings. Michael has white wings but Lucifer has black ones and because of this and his black hair, he is known as The Black Angel. Lucifer is a main character and is very likable even though he disobeys his father. It is too bad that his brother didn't share some of Lucifer's wisdom, knowledge, and sense. Lucifer is somewhat developed as a character throughout the story and even displays a sense of humor.

Eva is another main character and she is also likable. She is a demon but as the story progresses what Eva really is comes into question after she is healed by Lucifer. She displays humor and wit and is also developed somewhat throughout the story. The reason I say somewhat developed is because, just like the rest of the characters, the past is not known. The characters are in the 'here and now' with very little mentioned about their past years or when/or if, they were young children or babies.

There are many angles and demons, secondary characters, as well as creatures I have never heard of throughout the story. Some of these reside in Heaven, some in Hell and just like with the characters, they have me question who or what good and evil are. Even Heaven and Hell isn't what I thought it was.

This book is three parts of the same story, each flowing seamlessly into the next just as the chapters do. It is written with simple sentences and is easy to read although it is fast paced and action packed. The description of the settings and actions are vivid, as with the action scenes. There is no problem visualizing what is going on although the book does feel rushed. I wished the author developed a little more 'down time' where I got to know more about the background and/or creatures so the connection and understanding of the characters could be developed deeper. There was so much that went on between the pages that could have come to the forefront to nurture this, it almost feels like the story ended incomplete and me a bit unsatisfied.

So to sum it up, if you are looking for a bedtime story where you can connect with the characters and enjoy some romantic encounters then keep looking. If you are looking for an exciting, action packed story while having some familiarity with the characters (with a twist) then this is definitely worth reading and I recommend it.

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