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February 10, 2012

Book Eight of MY 20112 Goal

Bonded (Law of the Lycans, #4)Bonded by Nicky Charles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bonded is another fantastic romantic paranormal suspense from Nicky Charles in her Law of the Lycans Series (The Mating, The Keeping, and The Finding). Nicky has specified Bonded as preceding The Mating but I am not sure if that was a mistake since she just published this one and has it as number four in the series. It does explain what happened and how some of the characters are in the circumstances I found them in when reading the other books in the series.

The main characters we (the readers) are introduced to are Bradi who is just starting her career as a Disaster Control Officer and Reno who is an Enforcer for Lycan Links. Normally disaster control officers and enforces get along like oil and vinegar but for some strange reason Reno finds he is drawn to Brandi who is harboring a secret.

At one point I found the story seems to be stuck in a loop concerning the feelings that Bandi and Reno have for each other however it may have been just me as I wanted them to end up with each other so much. At several points I wished I could have grabbed hold of them and shook some sense into them but other than those times I found it was a well paced story with touching mating scenes, bloody fighting scenes, and a look at life in a Lycan society as well as a look at those wishing to destroy them. There are many twists and turns through the book that I didn't see coming.

Nicky Charles did not disappoint me with Bonded. I totally recommend this book as with the whole Law of the Lycan Series. (This is coming from me....the one who doesn't like werewolves so you know this has to be good.)

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