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February 12, 2012

Book Nine of My 2012 Goal

Black Moon (Moon Trilogy, #1)Black Moon by C.L. Bevill

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Black Moon for the most part is a story of werecats, werewolves, and magic. What I loved about the book is the story line dealing with good vs. evil. These paranormal creatures live in the same world as humans; however most humans don't know of their existence and the ones that do, just aren't saying.The 'bad paranormal creatures' are trying to take over the human population and the 'good ones' are trying to stop them. Then we throw one 'knowing' human librarian and a magical book into the blend and it really is a great story.The opening of the book caught my attention immediately and held me there with the mystery and action unfolding, but shortly after it started to be repetitious with sex. That is the problem I found with the book, too much sex and not enough story. The book is 95 pages but that includes pages about the author and the story dosen't even start until page 6, so it is something like 89 pages long and not all of these 89 were full pages of print. Of these pages, I would say a good 20 if not more,are nothing but descriptions of sex scenes. Now I love a good sex scene like any one else but I felt if the book had more "story" and less sex then it would not have been as rushed and the "story" could have been developed so much more.

So to sum it up, it is a good short story (which does have the potential to be a great story) for adults only.

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