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June 3, 2012

Book Twenty Nine of My 2012 Goal

The Dawkins Deficiency: Why Evolution Is Not the Greatest Show on EarthThe Dawkins Deficiency: Why Evolution Is Not the Greatest Show on Earth by Wayne Talbot
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The Dawkins Deficiency: Why Evolution Is Not The Greatest Show On Earth by Wayne Talbot is the author's opinion/conclusion why Richard Dawkins' book, The Greatest Show On Earth is inaccurate. The book is not trying to sway the reader toward evolution or any other belief. The purpose of the book is to explain the lack of scientific proof (or faulty proof) behind the claims made by Dawkins. Actually the author said it best, "My goal is not to disprove evolution theory, my goal is to evaluate the truth of the claim that the evidence for it is incontrovertible, that evolution theory has been scientifically proven, and that the book under review provides that evidence."

Even though I never read The Greatest Show On Earth, Talbot takes it apart and examines it by clearly stating what Dawkins claims and then presenting his argument as to what is wrong with the claim so the reader is not 'lost' as to what he is talking about. And I would like to add that the amount of research Talbot did is mind boggling. Within the subject of evolution he also touches on genes, DNA and mutations just to mention a few.

I am not a complete stranger to the subject of evolution as we touched on it in school and I may have even read a thing or two here and there but I am by no means an expert or scientist. I never did the amount of research on the subject as Talbot did either but I was still able to follow his train of thought, arguments and conclusions. As Talbot explains things he rephrases it into a situation most people will understand and have no problem visualizing by using things like Lego's, M&Ms and sandcastles.

I found the book educational and interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject of evolution.

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