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September 1, 2012

Book 40 of my 2012 Goal

Fibles: 10-Minute Children's Bedtime Stories for Modern-Day Kids!Fibles: 10-Minute Children's Bedtime Stories for Modern-Day Kids! by M. R. Everette
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

M.R. Everette's, "Fibles: 10-Minute Children's Bedtime Stories for Modern-Day Kids" is the perfect name for this book. It has a dozen stories that are all short in length (you can read one in 10 minutes easy) but they are not short on entertainment. With cute names like Wisee the wise owl, McKoo the cuckoo bird, and Ty the firefly the characters are easy for the kids to remember and each story teaches a lesson and gives the perfect opportunity for you to discuss how doing things like doing your chores, don't play hooky, don't judge a person by their size is important.

My personal favorite is "The Guppible One" which is about Gillmore the guppy who skips swimming school to nibble at the free lunch that the fishermen dangle from their lines for excitement. Turns out poor Gillmore got more excitement than he could stand, in fact, says it was the worse day of his life. When he went to school the following day he finds out that he missed a fantastic field trip to the aquarium sea show where they all got a free lunch from all the people at the aquarium and turns out to have been the best day of their lives.

I (and my grandchildren, ages 4 and 6) really enjoyed the book. I especially liked the opportunity it gives me to teach them valuable lessons that will make them responsible, friendly and trustworthy among other things and have faith others will too.

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