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March 20, 2013

Book Twelve of my 2013 Goal

Tickle MeTickle Me by Monica Bouvier
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tickle Me by Monica Bouvier is a romance novel that in parts have you at the edge of your seat. The story was interesting in most parts and I say it is interesting in "most parts" because the story is very long and it seemed to drag in some parts but the "interesting parts" make up for it. I just want you to be aware the pace is not even flowing and this is a long story but hang with it, you won't be sorry.

Alice is a twenty nine year old who loves Greek Mythology and lives in Alaska with her cat. She has never felt the passions of love and seemed to resign herself to that her fate is to live life without love. She had a low self-esteem and seemed like she was on the side-line of life just dreaming about becoming a participant. Then she started to get emails from a mysterious guy named Erik. As time goes by the emails become much more personal and romantic and all the while Alice not only falls in love with Erik, she changes from being on the side-line to a participant full force. The change in Alice's whole being from this depressed, low self-esteemed person throughout the story was amazing and refreshing to me.

Although I really didn't find the emails and some of the actions that romantic or erotic (to me it's more of a torture) I understand where Alice is and her views most of the times. I can tell you that her taste and mine are two different things but even so I was able to really get into the story and connect with her. I didn't find Erik so romantic nor such a prize even in the beginning. However, the important thing is Alice did and with a stretch of my imagination, it was believable. After all, I did find my husband on the computer so that part wasn't hard to believe at all and how many times has someone made a decision that made you wonder, "what was she thinking"?

The story was not all fun and games and had its share of 'problems' of not only everyday life but also with people which also added to the believability of the story. The other characters in the story are all developed enough for their roles. Throughout the story some things didn't make sense but toward the end of the book it all comes together and the ending itself was really something I didn't expect.

To sum it up, it was a good story even though it was dragged out and I would recommend it to those who like the erotic (or maybe I should say "exotic") romance.

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