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June 3, 2014

Book 22 of My 2014 Goal

The UnbelieverThe Unbeliever by E L Baylis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the cover to the very last page of The Unbeliever by E. L. Baylis is memorable. Once you start reading it, it is next to impossible to put it down. Page after page I wanted to know more about what was going on only to find the plot thickens (with subplots) and so much more is involved than I ever first anticipated, everything from life, death, love, mystery, faith, religion, and lack of both faith and religion just to name a few. This work of fiction has it all!

The characters are well developed, some as children and again as adults, but not done all at once. Throughout the story I knew enough about the characters to know what is going on and this gradual development of them added to the mystery and suspense of the story. There were many things 'hidden' about the characters (on purpose by the author) until the end of the story which really was amazing to learn. One of those "Wow!" moments which I found myself repeating time and time again.

Because the author doesn't have much as the description of the book, I am afraid to sum up the book in fear of telling something the author rather not be known in a review but as I said, the story itself which I thought was a simple 'Who done it' is so much more than that.

I feel I wouldn't be writing a complete review unless I mentioned this about two of the main characters, Jessica is a Christian and Art is an Atheist and although I would not say this is a total religious story, there is quite a bit of talk between the two that include bible quotes as well as spiritual talk and each fighting their own demons or as Art calls it, "The Beast." I found these parts of special interest as well as how man has changed what was being said and/or omitting certain things, such as, the Sabbath being Saturday not Sunday.

I didn't notice any typos or format issues and recommend this book to anyone into mysteries, romance and religion (or lack of).

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