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June 30, 2014

Book 25 of my 2014 Goal

Your Family Tree! What's in Your Roots?Your Family Tree! What's in Your Roots? by David L Cole
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Your Family Tree! What's In Your Roots? by David L. Cole gives some very good tips on finding your ancestors to trace your family tree. He did a lot of work to find his and tells why the history of the country, natural disasters, and education plays a part of why you may be coming to a dead end when you try to find yours.

He also explains why some families have Coats of Arms associated with their names and how to go about finding it. What some of the symbols may mean but don't be discouraged if they don't make sense to you because I know on our's there are three bats. I can not find any connection of anyone in my family tree doing anything with bats so what the bats stand for or mean, I don't know but it is still nice to have my families' Coat of Arms.

Another thing that the author does is he tries to list the best sites that don't cost a lot of money. Many he lists are free, the ones that do have charges are reasonable. In no way is he pushing one site over another or trying to sell anything. He is just stating what he found to be the most helpful during his search and why he likes it. (In fact, he even spends a whole chapter on what to watch out for: he calls them Hawkers.)

Although the book is short, it is useful information if you wish to find your family tree. I know I had run into dead ends once I went so far back (in England) so I may just have to try again with some of the author's information on other possible sources to search. (Some of these I didn't even think to check.)

I think the book is useful so I would recommend it to those who wish to find their family tree.

*I received a free copy for my honest review.

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