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July 19, 2014

Book 28 of My 2014 Goal

Drool Baby (Dog Park Mystery, #2)Drool Baby by C.A. Newsome
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Drool Baby: A Dog Park Mystery (Lia Anderson Dog Park Mystery Book 2) by C. A. Newsome picks up where the first book (A Shot in the Bark) left off. Although this book possibly could stand alone as references are made to what happened in the first book I highly recommend you read the first book prior to reading this one. (It was so good, I don't see why you wouldn't want to!) As for those who hated the ending in book one, this book gives a true ending that is sure to please you.

It seemed like the author didn't continue to develop the characters as much as she did in the first book but at this point I am already hooked and bonded with Lia so it didn't matter. What the author did do was continue the story line, made it a light, fun, mystery (just as she did in book 1) and even added some additional twists to heighten the mystery in this book.

I won't re-cap the story as the author did write a nice description which you can read for yourself but I just love that this is still a 'fun' book. The pace of the book was good. There are a few spots where it was a little slower than the rest but over all I thought the pace was good, it never lingered in one spot very long.

Although it is a mystery, it also is about love, friendship, and even some comedy and I highly recommend this book as well as book one (A Shot in the Bark).

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