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July 30, 2014

Book 29 of My 2014 Goal

Pazuzu UnboundPazuzu Unbound by Saurav Dutt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pazuzu Unbound by Saurav Dutt certainly grabbed my attention from the beginning with that opening. I was hooked to see where this fictional, mystery, supernatural, thriller, would go and how it would get there. By that I mean that some books start off with a great action scene or love scene (depending on what genre the book is) but as you past the first chapter it is inconsistent and the action or love scenes (lack of a better term) fizzle out and the book turns slow and sometimes boring but that isn't the case with this book. It was full of action and gore from beginning to end.

Without re-capping the whole book I will condense it to say that it is about people who disappear, bodies turning up, and the cops who try and solve this. Now of course there is the evil, dark, supernatural part to the story (and a lot more) but I don't want to give that away but I will say that it was done interestingly.

I have to admit that this isn't really a book I totally enjoyed but it is not because of anything the author did wrong, it is more like he did it too right for my taste. I found it a little disturbing because I am not into the eating of flesh, drinking of blood, and all this death just to name a few things. This book was too vivid for my liking which in reality says a lot for this author's ability to write. Even feeling uncomfortable reading this book I had to go on because I had to know what happened and who lived and who died.

I recommend this book for adults into mysteries and (what I call) hard-core thrillers because some of the deaths are a little too descriptive and some people (like me) might find it uneasy. Also the language used and content really is for adults.

*I received a free copy (PDF) for my honest review.

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