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October 25, 2014

Book 36 of My 2014 Goal

MeritropolisMeritropolis by Joel Ohman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wasn't sure what to make of the cover of Meritropolis by Joel Ohman but it did spark my interest. (The cover makes complete sense once you read it.) The description the author wrote on Amazon didn't tell me enough about it to really make me want to read it, it sparked my interest but it didn't have me thinking that I had to have this book. Between that little spark of interest in his description and the cover that caught my eye I figured I would take a chance (and I am so glad I did).

I don't want to write any spoilers so I am not going to re-cap the whole story but Meritropolis is a place/city that had been like any city but 'the event' happened. A fence/wall was built around it and it faced a huge problem, there were too many people and not enough resources for them all so a "system" was put in place where "the needs of the many always outweighed the desires of the individuals." So in order for Meritropolis to survive and flourish everyone inside the gate was assigned numbers of their worth to the community every week. (This was agreed upon by all people living there at the time.) If your number is below a certain number then you are 'zeroed' which is a euphemism for being killed. They did not kill you outright but that person was put outside the gate and what is living outside the gate will kill you.

In several aspect the book it did remind me of 'The Hunger Games' with the lead character, Charley being a bit or a rebel (reminds me of Katniss) and wanting to bring the system down. Charley was just a child when this system was put in place so he didn't have a say in it but now at age 17 he sees how barbaric it is. He is a believable character most of the time and well developed. The other characters being at varying degrees of development and I wished a few more of these characters were as well developed as Charlie was.

The pace of the book was quick and there was something always going on. It might have been something physical or some other form but the pace was eventful from beginning to end with no slowing in between. Speaking of the ending, well, it left me wanting more.

The format of the book was clean and clear. Each chapter was on mark and I really liked the little pictures (with name and definition) before each new chapter started. I didn't notice any typos or swearing.

The only true negative thing I have to say about the book is that the author didn't write a captivating description to draw readers in, I think he is describing his book too short.

This book is one of those you pick up and don't put down and anyone who enjoyed books such as Hunger Games or Divergent should enjoy this one. I recommend it for YA (male and females should enjoy it) and all those who are YA at heart.

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