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July 26, 2015

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Children's Book of Magic: 30 Magic Tricks for Young WizardsChildren's Book of Magic: 30 Magic Tricks for Young Wizards by Konrad Modzelewski
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'Children's Book of Magic: 30 Magic Tricks for Young Wizards' is a well illustrated book of tricks that is targeted for ages 4-9. I had the grandchildren visiting so we had ages from 6-60 and we all had hours of fun and loved the book.

In the Table of Contents (the book calls it, 'Find Your Favorite Trick!') the tricks are listed, what props you need, and how difficult it is. The difficulty rating is done by using an image of one to three rabbits in a hat: one being the easiest. I found this part of the book extremely helpful when choosing which trick to give to which child according to their difficulty rating.

The tricks are presented in a comic book format showing the character doing the trick and what the audience will see. This part also includes what you might say to introduce the trick, for example, by asking someone for a coin or telling them that you can read their thoughts.

After each trick is the 'Secret' page. It tells you how to do the trick in easy, clearly stated steps. Also included on this page is 'Advice Without Price' which gives hints and/or alternatives to use to make the trick more shocking.

What I consider a big advantage about this book is that all the tricks needed props that almost any person would already have in their house already. Just to give you an idea, some of the props needed are: a deck of cards, three paperclips, and a straw, There was no need to go buy anything.

To top that off, the tricks really do work; I never found those missing coins yet!

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