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May 24, 2012

Book Twenty Six of my 2012 Goal

HeroHero by Kevon Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'Hero' by Kevon Brown was a very interesting read since I was reading the story printed in the book but couldn't help 'reading between the lines' about what is going on today in society.

In the book the main character is Tim with important characters being his friends Byron and Jason. The three of them hung around together all the time in school and out. Tim was more of the shy quiet one with little confidence or even know what he really wanted to do once he was out of school. Byron was a talented football player following in his father's footsteps (he was a college player) and had a calm and cool style that will aid him going pro and Jason worshiped the ground his father walked on and wanted to go into politics himself.

The three of these friends really didn't do much 'different' than any other teens in their last year of high school. They partied and met girls, hung out and played video games. They were always together or at least where one was the other two weren't that far behind. However as each of them 'grew up' and went off to college things changed in some very unexpected ways.

Tim, the one who had it the hardest growing up facing tragedy after tragedy ends up being CEO of a gaming company. Political favors, back stabbing, and giving up his values or at least changing them, all had a hand in his success. By the end of the book it was hard to recognize him as the same person at the beginning of the book since he traveled the road he had chosen to follow. The real questions that he should be answering is; why he wasn't among those playing hero and was it worth it?

Although this is a work of fiction, the events in the book taking place remind me of the Automotive and Bank Bailouts, Occupy Movement, even Martin Luther King and Micheal Jackson. I am not saying that these are really what the author intended but I see the similarities.

There was quite a bit of cursing and also a few minor errors in editing, such as hoping for hopping. At first I found it very hard to read because of the 'slang' but either it wasn't used as much as the story went on or I just ignored it. Even with that being said, I would recommend this not only for teens but parents of teens so they can see just what can happen even in the best of families. Even with all the 'heart to heart talks' and 'fatherly love and advise' and no matter how hard you try to do everything right, it is the things that you don't see that can destroy you or your son/your family.

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