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May 29, 2012

Book Twenty Seven of my 2012 Goal

The Silver Bomb: Beyond The Return Of Metal As MoneyThe Silver Bomb: Beyond The Return Of Metal As Money by Christopher Whitestone, Michael MacDonald
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“The Silver Bomb: Beyond the Return of Metal as Money” by Michael MacDonald and Christopher Whitestone starts off with a rather interesting history of money. Not only is it a history of money but how it makes and breaks Kings, Empires and Nations. Also how it played a role throughout history regarding politics, things like the news we see or hear and those who hold the money, the banks. The Federal Reserve Bank plays a huge role in the US Dollar and the manipulation of it.

Since Nixon did away with the dollar being backed by gold and into what we have now, the "fiat" dollar which means it is not backed by anything, the dollar has been depreciating. The 'run' of any fiat money is about 30 years and we are past that time, in other words we are on borrowed time with the US Dollar. Points are made pointing to this throughout the book with citing not only events in history to back up their claim but signs and events in recent times, some as recently as last year.

Reasons are given why silver is believed to be what will be backing money and not gold although gold will remain highly prized but the problem with it is it will be less available. They also go into things you should know before you invest and how to invest wisely in metals describing what ingots are and troy ounces. What a 'household' person (vs. someone who uses the metals for a business such as a jeweler) should invest in and why which goes into a very educational history of gold and silver coins and the right of confiscation of gold and silver by the government which has already been done several times throughout history and the right to do it again which they still have today.

I found the book very interesting, not only the history part of it but the opinions of the authors and what they based it on which is clearly explained. I did note some format issues but it didn't interfere with the information being provided. I recommend this book to everyone in hopes you will be ready when 'The Silver Bomb" goes off.

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