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May 2, 2012

Book Twenty Three of my 2012 Goal

Exploring Illusion - Paintings: The Use of Optical Illusions in ArtExploring Illusion - Paintings: The Use of Optical Illusions in Art by Gary Rohrabaugh
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I found "Exploring Illusions" by Gary Rohrabaugh to be fascinating. Mr. Rohrabaugh, with the aid of CAD software designed and then painted six different categories of optical illusions; Elliptical Forms, Sinuous Curves, White Space, Motion, Edge Lines, and XOR. He explained what they were and what works best. He broke them down to the simplest form or added something such as a twisted frame or what looks like flames to me to see if it would enhance the illusion when he painted them. Some of these paintings took a year or better to complete.

I always liked seeing optical illusions but never really thought about how they were made. I am not an art student or designer but it did give me a better appreciation of optical illusions. I found this book very interesting and think any one that wants to try their own illusion, no matter for something to put on their book-cover or an art piece in their home, would find this book a must. I also think everyone who likes optical illusions would enjoy this book, even if you're not into the how and why, you'll love the illusions.

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