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April 30, 2012

Book Twenty Two of my 2012 Goal

Oracle of the PhoenixOracle of the Phoenix by Steven Blonder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Oracles of Phoenix" by Steven Blonder is his own personal story about his seeing the lights over Phoenix in the week of March 10, 1997 and the path they led him on for the truth. He gives the website where you can see the footage he shot of them so you can see what he saw. Although the book starts with this account of seeing what now is known as the "Phoenix Lights" (most documented case of UFO mass sighting) it does not so much focus on that event in itself only asto it as a starting point and reason for the paths he took to search for the answers to his questions about UFOs and what it all is and means. It seems for every answer Mr Blonder found resulted in more questions and more searching.

The author himself says he became a little obsessed with it, not unlike Richard Dreyfus in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" where me molded his mash potatoes into that hill. Although I am sure Mr. Blonder didn't throw dirt and trees through his kitchen windows I do have to agree that this became an obsession. It more so reminds me of a new show on TV called "Touch" where an autistic boy sees the past, present, and future at the same time in numbers, numbers have meaning. The author seen these lights and they mean something. They have a secret message and he is going to find it.

Mr. Blonder discuses his experiences when he went to Israel. How he visited the different places and the feelings and spiritual awakening and rebirth he felt. Although I couldn't really understand all that he was going through I could relate it to experiences of my own when I visited the Grand Canyon. I couldn't help but feel "closer" to God (as I know him) and wondered if the canyon was created as a way of humbling humankind so they will see just how insignificant they really are not only standing there at the canyon but on this planet, solar system, universe. Just where do I fit into all this? Was it God's way to say "look at what I have created with a wave of my hand, what have you done"? I wasn't even a speck among the great beauty that lies before me. That is why I always told people that you don't "see" the Grand Canyon, you "experience" it. And I am sure others have similar experiences there just as I am sure there are other places in this world that cause a spiritual awakening, wonderment, soul-searching experiences for them I imagined this is similar to what the author was talking about when he says he had a spiritual awakening.

Once he returned from Israel he knew he had to follow up with some method of spiritual study or discipline that takes him to study "Inner Self" and Kundalini Yoga. I basically understand the laws such as the Law of Return that states what goes around, comes around but I am not going to pretend I have a clue what the harmonizing to the universal feminine aspect of self is. Although it is explained I just can't grasp this even though I read and re-read it. Which is the case with much of the "studies" and "conclusions" throughout the book starting with the Kabbalah and Hopi Indian lore to the legend of Montezuma. Some I don't understand where the connection is and others I just don't reach the same conclusion. But that is OK. Mr. Blonder has every right to his conclusions and his beliefs, he is not trying to covert anyone, he is simply trying to make the reader understand what he studied, has experienced, believes, and how this sighting impacted his life. With that being said, I found it all amazing and very fascinating.

This very in-depth (and very time consuming) search for the meaning behind the Phoenix Lights and the paths that search took is not just a story, it is an experience of an eyewitness who has gone to great lengths to find the answers to his questions, for closure. Any one interested in UFOs and how they effect those who see them should find this book as fascinating as I did. I highly recommend it.

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