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April 1, 2012

Book Sixteen of my 2012 Goal

No ExitNo Exit by Julie Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

No Exit by Julie Harris is a fictional supernatural-thriller with romance that sucks you in from the moment you start the book to the last word. This well written story was nicely paced and forever keeping me in suspense.

Rebecca Miller has a psychic gift or a curse depending on who you asked. To some she is an angel and healer and others a freak of nature. It kept her from having close relationships with even her own parents who were uneasy around her. As Rebecca grew into a young woman she used her 'gift' to help others and even the most skeptical people noticed her. She was invited to speak at a paranormal event only to find out it was a hoax and there really was no such event. It was a ploy to get her to London where she was met at the airport by some men in uniform who turn out to be US Navy SEALs. Kelly Nolan, commander of the Nighthawks, looks familiar to her but she can't quite place him. He takes her into protective custody where she learns the true reason for the her presence.

Two years prior Rebecca did a "reading" for a US Senator's wife confirming her fears about her husband's death. Senator Glover didn't believe in any of the psychic stuff but now that he is a presidential candidate the SEALs have orders to keep John Glover alive despite their knowledge some want him dead and Rebecca is to help them with this mission. Between her help from her "gift" and the remote viewing and psychic connection by others on the team failure is not an option even if one of their own is "seen" to be the assassin. Rebecca not only learn more about being a SEAL than she ever wanted to know, this journey takes her places she never imagined including her own death. She learns about betrayal but more importantly she learns about friendship and love. She also learns that sometimes their is no exit.

Even though the main plot has several sub-plots I found the story easy to follow and captivating. I love the style of the author used to introduce these sub-plots as each in its own right was interesting and important to the main story. The story as a whole progressed nicely with content and time line. "No Exit" will be found on my favorite shelf since I found it to be completely enjoyable.

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