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April 28, 2012

Book Twenty One of My 2012 Goal

Inspire To Reach Higher Lite Edition: A-Z Empowering Quotes That I.N.S.P.I.R.E.Inspire To Reach Higher Lite Edition: A-Z Empowering Quotes That I.N.S.P.I.R.E. by Amey Hegde
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"Inspire To Reach Higher: A-Z Empowering Quotes That I.N.S.P.I.R.E." by Amey Hedge is a fantastic collection of quotes not only for the motivation of others but for yourself. Don't let the fact that Amey Hedge is an inspirational speaker lead you to believe these are for the workplace only. Not only do I need inspiration at times for myself, I love making my own cards and often use quotes for inspiring others. This will prove to be treasured additional source for me. Although the book isn't long, it is full of page after page of quotes that inspire.

I would love to quote my favorite as an example but I didn't see where the author gave his permission to do so even for reviewing the book so I won't. What I can say, is that with all the quotes in the book from various well-known people my favorite comes from the author himself.

Another great benefit of this book is that all the quotes are in sections and are grouped together by 'theme' of the quote such as, "Belief", "Dreams", "Individuality and Uniqueness" and so on. This makes it so easy to look up a quote you need for that particular moment without having to search every page.

I know I will be keeping this book to reference time after time and recommend it to readers of all ages.

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