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July 4, 2012

Book 34 of My 2012 Goal

ChoicesChoices by Martha Kennerson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Choices: A Novel by Martha Kennerson was very hard to put down. It was well written and although the author did say it was a work of fiction she also said it was based in part of personal experience. I am not sure which part is fiction but this whole story could be totally true as it was believable.

The main character is Kristine who finishes high school and spends time with her aunt before she goes off to college. She ends up falling in love with a man that she could never have a future with. When he leaves the pain and heartbreak is almost too much for her. Between her friends and family she manages to pull her life together enough to go off to college however with her broken heart still mending some choices she makes are devastating and life altering.

Following Kristine, her friends and family you can't help but feel connected to her like she is one of your friends too. When she was happy and in love, I was happy and when she cried, I cried. It was like re-living that lost love that I imagine most of us females had at least once in our lives when we 'found the one' or at least at the time we thought 'he was the one' and our worlds came crashing down. Then off to college and who can't forget the ride to campus and moving in, meeting your roommate for the first time? Unfortunately there are other things that come with it and that is the parties, drinking, and for some drugs. College life is not simple and for some their personal life 'alters' which makes them wonder if staying in school to pursue their dreams is the answer.

I know the way I am reviewing it, it may sound boring but it is not. I simply don't want to say too much to create any spoilers but believe me it is one of those books you don't want to put down. The story is interesting from start to finish with the characters being introduced nicely and without so much details that it goes off course. The story moves at a great pace and never gets boring with a cliff-hanger ending.

I recommend this easy enjoyable read and think that most young female adults would really like it.

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