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July 11, 2012

Book 36 of My 2012 Goal

The Enchanted Time TravellerThe Enchanted Time Traveller by Mal Mohanlal
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Enchanted Time Traveller: A Book of Self-Knowledge and the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Mal Mohanlal states some very interesting concepts. Starting out with the statement that we are all hypnotized if not by the world around us then by ourselves or both. His goal was to de-hypnotize and free us (the reader) so we can start thinking for ourselves and free ourselves from the bonds of ignorance. He explains about the "self" or "ego" and the subconscious mind, how to stimulate it in a positive way and change. In order to change we need to use three properties of the mind which are insight, perception and awareness. He explains what role these all play and gives examples. He also touches on the subjects of habits, time, love, obesity, words, fear, and much more. Each being easy to read yet something that I really needed to reflect on.

Just how powerful is the mind? Well, I know I have heard many times through the years that most people only use a small percentage of their brains/minds. So who really knows what the mind can do? We all hear the expressions "Laughter is the best medicine". Why is that? According to the author it is because how you stimulate your subconscious mind. If you are laughing, then you are happy. When you are happy it means you are stimulating your subconscious mind positively. When you do that then your brain is producing good chemicals so your immune system is functioning at maximum level. Thus, you have the best medicine possible for whatever illness you may have...laughter (positive stimulation of the subconscious mind). So the author seems to agree that laughter (positive stimulation of the subconscious mind) is the best medicine. Beware though, the author also says the opposite. If you have negative thoughts then you will feel depressed and/or ill.

Although I believe I understand what the author is saying, I do not agree with everything he says. An example of this would be when he said that if we didn't understand the mental principles and rules we'd find ourselves in conflict, confusion, and chaos. "When we do, we try to seek freedom from this state of mind by creating various religious beliefs, philosophies and concepts out of our own mind and then try and hide behind them." I really don't think that statement is true no more than I think by saying "I feel good" (when I was told I had cancer) would create a positive, worry free state of mind either consciously or subconsciously. Because being told I had cancer would make my conscious mind worry and no matter how much I try and tell myself and my subconscious mind that I can't do anything about it. People die, we all die sooner or later so there is no sense to worry. That I don't want to be sick so "I feel good". I am going to worry because I 'know' that I am sick and dying. And yes, I do believe people are afraid of dying. The author states that we can only fear something we know and the phrase "fear of the unknown" is nonsense. He explains his view on why he makes this statement and although I don't right now agree with it, it is something I really need to think about (as is a lot of the other statements).

Like I said previously, this book is filled with information that really needs to be reflected upon. It is a self-awareness and self-helping book to better everyday life. To break free of our perception of time and discover the timeless. To rid the negative and learn how to embrace the positive and so much more. With the examples and explanations Dr. Mal Mohanlal uses, it is easy to understand and I do recommend it.

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