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February 22, 2013

Book Nine of my 2013 Goal

TYLENOL MAN: A 30-Year Quest to Close the Tylenol Murders CaseTYLENOL MAN: A 30-Year Quest to Close the Tylenol Murders Case by Scott Bartz
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Tylenol Man: A 30 Year Quest to Close the Tylenol Murders Case by Scott Bartz is non-fiction and the second book in the TYMURS Series (TYMURS: The 1982 Tylenol Murders is book one in the series). I suggest you read book one since you would not make too much sense out of this book unless you are familiar with the case and all the botched investigations that went on from the beginning. I don't feel this is a stand alone book even if you remember the Tylenol Murders in 1982. Much of what was revealed and continues into this book was not told to the general public either on the news or by newspaper reports as the full account. One station may have one piece of information while another reporter has another and a family member yet another and the book puts it all together to get a better picture of what really happened and what was being done or not done in the case.

In this book the FBI continue to try and blame Jim Lewis for the murders even though the evidence doesn't support it. They made his life a hell although he was no angel himself but they made sure he was stuck with the "Tylenol Man" name even though they couldn't bring him to trial due to lack of evidence. Between pride, a political elections, and just making a name for himself there are several people that need this case closed. They needed an escape goat and Lewis was it which was clearly demonstrated through the author's research.

What surprised me the most were the lies and resistance Michelle Rosen (her mother was a victim) met in 2008 when she inquired about details in the case and if she can see the records. She asked the hospital for her mother's records and was told they were destroyed years ago. She went to the police station and asked if she could see the documents from their investigation into her mother's death and was told whatever documents they had were destroyed in a flood. Michelle found out the flood happened in mid 1990s and there was a photo taken in 2002 of someone standing in front of boxes and boxes of documents all on the Tylenol Murders in the evidence room of the police station. She just got a total run-a-round from everyone she encountered. Even when she submitted FOIA requests they were denied and the reason stating they were destroyed in the flood.

I can tell you that after reading the first book in the series, it really opened my eyes about some crime 'investigations' and not only politicians but those in law. After reading this book, it just down right angers me. First off, I don't recall ever hearing about the case being re-opened. I guess it was hush, hush this time so no extra attention is drawn. Secondly, of the lies told by those who are suppose to "serve and protect" even when there is proof they are lies but nothing can be done. There is no where to turn to say hey, wake up! Here is the proof he is lying in black and white, on the front page of a newspaper no less. Lets not forget to mention the J&J was active in their own investigation of the murders or the fact that it doesn't matter who the real murderer is/was, all that mattered was to pin it on someone and just to close the case so they look good.

I can go on and on about the things uncovered in the book as it was full of interesting information on the case, most of which I never heard before. Although I must admit I did think that maybe the author was just seeking revenge for a nasty termination of employment but even that thought was put to rest. But...keep in mind that is just what this book is, a research and report of the findings. If you are looking for a story where you get close to the main characters and have an adventure, this is not the book for you. There is no bonding with anyone in this book, the main character is a pill called Extra Strength Tylenol, and the plot or purpose is where and who done it.

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