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February 7, 2013

Book Seven of my 2013 Goal

Summary: Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot -- Bill O'ReillySummary: Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot -- Bill O'Reilly by Save Time Summaries
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Summary: Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot -- Bill O'Reilly by Save Time Summaries is not a book, it is a summary that creates the time line of events much like "Cliff Notes". There is enough detail given to understand what is going on and when but there is not a lot of the background and insights that you would find in the book.

This summary starts off with who Bill O'Reilly is and that he proposes that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President Kennedy despite there is evidence that a conspiracy existed. It does not go into any detail about this evidence, it just mentions there is evidence. Then it gives a brief background on the Kennedy's as a family and the history of JFK's milestones right up to his winning the election defeating Vice President Richard Nixon. Then there is a more details given about his presidency and dealing with the unpopular 'conflict' known now as the Vietnam War, plus the Cold War with the Soviet Union. It further explains his relationship with his brother Bobby who is the Attorney General and the relationship the Kennedy's had with organized crime.

At this time was also the civil rights movement and JFK arrange a meeting the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Then it mentions that JFK was warned by the FBI that King has alleged associations with Communist sympathizers and other radicals which is something I never knew. I wish it went into a little more detail about this.

Kennedy tries to win support in Texas and had chosen Lyndon Johnson of Texas as his running mate. He planned the visit to Texas since he needs their support to win in his 1964 re-election bid. Then it goes into a little more detail of him and "Lady Bird" landing in Texas in Air Force One, his actions on the tarmac and even about weather and bubble top on the car which Kennedy didn't care for. In fact, even what they wore and what was said was revealed. Then how they finally get into the car and head off to the Dallas Trade Mart where JFK was scheduled to give a luncheon speech.

The next chapters were about Oswald and his life, work, and how he gave up US citizenship to be a Russian Citizen and then again how he reversed it to come back to the US. It is a brief description which leads up to how he got to be at the School Book Depository Building as the motorcade approaches. It ends with the possible last words JFK heard.

Again, this is a time line summary of events, not a book. If you want to know details then you should read the book however if you just need the events and when they took place then I suggest this summary.

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