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February 22, 2014

Book 12 of my 2014 Goal

Craft Business: Sewing Books with 99+ Places to Sell for ProfitCraft Business: Sewing Books with 99+ Places to Sell for Profit by Mary Kay Hunziger
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Craft Business: Sewing Books, 99+ Places To Sell For Profit, 60+ Sew Resources Like Etsy, Dawanda, Ebay, Pinterest & Beyond by Mary Kay Hunziger isn't really what I expected. I thought it would have more ideals of what to sew but only has the doll clothes for example, it is more of a resource on how to market whatever it is that you sew. Now with that being said, it never claimed to have all these ideals of what to sew (So why should I find this disappointing?) and the author claims it is a resource guide on how to market what you sew which the book does....very well at that!

The book uses doll clothes as the hobby. Why you would choose to make them and the different dolls you can make them for. It gives you the process of thought behind this so you can apply it toward whatever craft you sew. Then the book takes you through the process of 'marketing' the clothes. The importance of how you display them, importance of photos, and where to list them. She provides numerous links to all these sites as well as that look like programs that can help with this task. I didn't click on all of them, as I said I thought the book was something it isn't and never claimed to be but the links I did click on did work, as well as the Facebook Page.

I am not at this point in my crafts but for those who are, I think you will find the resources in this book very helpful.

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