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August 3, 2015

Book 23 for 2015

Songs of the Deliverer: A Modern Day Story of ChristSongs of the Deliverer: A Modern Day Story of Christ by Elvo Fortunato Bucci
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What an amazing story! What if Christ was walking among us in the modern times? Songs of The Deliverer: A Modern Day Story of Christ by Elvo Fortunato Bucci is a story that does just that. It takes the events in the gospels and sets them into a modern day setting. It is easy to understand and has the same attributes as those in the Bible.

Emmanuel does a lot of miracles as in the Bible: the lame, walk; the sick, well; etc. Some of the most memorable to me is when he walks on water, brings the dead back to life, and is baptized. (I cant state them all since I do not want to spoil it.) However in this modern day setting he is still a mystery (in a way) as many answers is not answered directly (some but not all) and because of this, it is hard to grasp what the answer really is. Better way of explaining it is by the way he answers, it is in your interpretation of what he is saying. An example of this is when Jonny asks Emmanuel if he is the who Jona refers to as the Deliverer. Emmanuel replies by saying, "Jona brings joy and hope to the world. And his witness is true. But my witness is not about me, but about the one who has sent me. I do only what the Father commands. I testify to him alone." This answer left me perplexed if he was or wasn't. With that being said, this is also true in the Bible so I thought the author did a fantastic job of carrying over that mystery and way of his speech into this modern day setting.

Toward the end of the book are sections; About The Book, About The Songs, and About the Author which were really enjoyable. It is the last section, 40 Bible Reflections which I thought they were a great bonus. It explains the part and where it was referenced in the book.

I didn't notice any typos/errors anywhere throughout this book and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in the Bible. Even if you never read the Bible before, you will enjoy and understand what is going on but for those who did read it before, this is a fantastic read!

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