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August 18, 2015

Book 26 of 2015

Hail to the Chief: An Inauguration PoemHail to the Chief: An Inauguration Poem by Tanyo Ravicz
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Hail to the Chief: An Inauguration Poem by Tanyo Ravicz and it is based on a true story: research was done with the sources listed in the book. The whole book is a poem that tells the story of the Clintons, from prior to Bill Clinton being president to Hillary being the 45th President and more. Naturally, a great deal of it is about the scandal with Monica Lewinsky so lets just say this is for adults. Some really 'naughty' words are totally spelled out while another will have only the first and last letter used with "**" for the center which makes it very easy for adults to figure out.

Although it isn't written like a story book where I can talk about characters and how believable they are, I can say this is believable since most of it is history and I remember it well. (Except the Hillary Clinton being the 45th President part). Even the famous lines are in it about not having sex with her (Monica Lewinsky) and smoking pot but not inhaling. I just loved the humorous poetry lines and amazed by the rhyming. Although I can't share my favorite lines because of the language, this demonstrates the style and the sheer genius of the book:

He looks the camera in the eye
(The surest sign of probity),
Wags his finger, thumps the lectern-
"I do not have sex with interns!
I never ever told a soul a lie!"
This was Bill's recipe for Humble Pie.

This is a fun, poetic read and I do recommend it for adults.

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