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November 18, 2015

A Great Children's Story called "Three Noisy Chickens to the Rescue"

Three Noisy Chickens to the RescueThree Noisy Chickens to the Rescue by Diane pike
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a cute children's story! If you think the cover is cute, wait until you see the illustrations on every page which is sure to keep even a young child interested. The story itself is only a few lines long on each page with the illustration relating to what is being said so it keeps the child's attention and turning the page.

It is a cute story that involves Grandma, Alice (granddaughter), Max (dog), and Heidi, Hetty, and Hilda (the three chickens). These characters are easy for a child to understand since it is only two people and the rest animals. The wording is simple and easy to follow with events that even a young child could relate to: dogs go for walk, chickens lay eggs, etc. Furthermore, the characters are simple with no history to confuse the child reading this. For example, it is never explained why Alice is at Grandma's house or even if there is a Grandpa in the house, it is just excepted that Alice is there.

The story is a feel good story where the three chickens come to the rescue after a snow storm so it will not leave a child sad or bothered that animals are missing or that someone in the story is sad. It is upbeat and actually can be used as a lesson for the importance of following directions, paying attention, and keeping yourself safe while outside.

I thought the book was very appropriate not only for young readers just starting out, but also as a bedtime story for those who don't read yet.

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