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November 2, 2015

Book 33 of 2015

Love's Rubber ArmorLove's Rubber Armor by Thais Hardison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love's Rubber Armor is a collection of sonnets covering the subjects of love, loss, naughty, and one called 'of Cabbages and Kings' which I enjoyed the most. I never thought a sonnet that used wonder bread can have such meaning. Not just wonder bread but whole, white, bran, and whole wheat which naturally isn't about bread but used as metaphors that are so ingenious. Included are a few small sketches which are meaningful to that section of the book and I should clarify that the 'loss' speaks of a love lost, not of loss due to death.

The cover of the book is perfect with the drop of water bouncing up and the ripples forming, to me it is what the book is all about. A feeling or event (the drop) fell into the water (the person) and this caused the rippling effect of emotions. Even reading it, each section invokes the desired emotion. The author stated not to reproduce any portion of the book so I will not quote any but the use of words is outstanding. The symbolism and metaphors are very effective.

Although it is a short book, it is packed with well written sonnets that contained no errors that I found. I recommend it to every adult (due to the 'naughty') who enjoys poetry.

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