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November 15, 2015

Book 34 of 2015

Hysteria (The Namesaken Book 2)Hysteria by Michaela Wright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hysteria by Michaela Wright has it all: mystery, supernatural, love, sex, suspense, and more. From the beginning it draws my attention to the point I don't want to put it down. The author already wrote a nice description of the story so I won't recap it but I will say that although it has a bit more sex than I usually care for, it was done very well and crucial to the story.

The setting of Edinburgh is so fitting since the medical school is there and the streets and buildings are perfect for this story to have that believability to it. The characters had accents which were fantastic and really helped to draw me into the time and place in the story. Although, I don't know or at least don't remember the exact year this story takes place, there are several hints that it was long ago. One hint is the cover of the book and the way she is dressed, another is the subject matter the doctors are studying which would have been long ago, but I do know it is not prior to 1813 simply because the book 'Pride and Prejudice' which one of the characters had was first published then.

The main character is Deliverance (Liv) Baird and she was brought to life through the pages. She is a complex person with a 'hard' past and hopeful future. She is multidimensional in character, yet at times she is naive. At first I thought she seems to have some sort of mental disorder such as a split personality which was probably caused by her tragic past years of abuse. Then I thought it is just because she is sensitive to those things most people consider 'unnatural' and that is what made her seem that way. Even now I am not exactly sure and maybe it is both but it really doesn't matter, she is likable and it is so easy to have a connection with her plus feel what she is going through in the story.

Dr. Findlay Lennox is also developed but a bit more mysterious. He is into his work researching and perfecting his technique to cure women from their troubles in a most unusual way. Truth be told, he leads a lonely life. He has that 'all work and no play' quality about him at the beginning of the story and comes off as a man who is psychologically untouchable. With each new chapter, these walls begin to tumble and he becomes more real and believable as a person with wants, secrets, fears, and moral battles.

There are other characters in the story which are all developed to varying degrees. What is needed to be known about them to make sense of what they are doing or what their place is, is known. They help bring some humor and are critical for the direction in the story. Each one is different with their own personality and place.

The plot seemed to be simple at first but it is really multi-leveled leading to a final climax at the end. Although a bit of it was predictable, not all of it was by any means. With all the different elements put into this story it really was easy to follow, quite surprising, and well done.

I did notice a few typos and/or the wrong words being used despite the accents.

*I received an ARC free for my unbiased review.

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