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March 15, 2012

Book Thirteen of My 2012 Goal

The Next - An OmenThe Next - An Omen by R T Douse

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Next - an omen by R.T. Douse was an excellent fictional read about problems we face today with global warming, depletion of natural resources and the many other problems we encounter including over population. Sounds a lot like what we face today only there is a solution. One that doesn't give chance to corporate greed, political pressures, or any other outside forces but the cost is high. Much too high thought some.

Once I started it I couldn't put it down, always wanting to know what happened next. I was never disappointed as the story, for the most part, switches between two groups of people, the scientists and the survivalists. The one line in the book I can't get out of my head while reading it was, "Beware the civilized man".

Kelly Mason had a special gift that put her life in danger. She learned how to block this gift which in reality she was denying a part of who she was. Kelly along with some other chosen students took part in an experiment that removed them from society. Although at times she was uncomfortable, she discovered who she really is. What she didn't know was just how important her gift was or what a major role she and the other students played in the world.

Dr. Samuel Morrison, a world renowned geneticists, believes man is a product of nature. Man evolved quickly but it takes nature much longer to evolve so it couldn't keep up with man's products and innovations. He found a way to put man back in harmony with nature. No matter what the cost he is putting his plan into effect unless someone stops him in time.

So you think you know where this story is going? I did too but was surprised many times by the twists and turns. The other times it left a bad taste in my mouth as I figured that what was going on is a typical reaction of those who crave power and domination. Yet through the book it restored my faith in man-kind to work together and survive as long as they beware of the civilized man.

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