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March 10, 2012

Book Twelve of My 2012 Goal

EXIT: How to Leave Debt ForeverEXIT: How to Leave Debt Forever by Nicholas L. Maze

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Exit: How to leave Debt Forever by Nicholas L. Maze should be on every 'must read' list! The sooner we understand how credit and debt works, the better our chances of achieving financial freedom. Even those whom think they know all about it and think this is just another one of those "how to get out of debt" book will find Mr. Maze's insights interesting.

Mr. Maze explains the history of money, what the Federal Reserve Bank is, and how America is set up to fail. If we all lived by the "70, 20, 10" rule which is clearly explained in the book, we could possibly get out of debt and live a wealthy life. However before we can maintain our wealth, we need to learn how to maintain our money.

The book has easy to understand step by step instructions on how to save as well as how to invest money for a greater buying power. I was a little shocked to see some of the investment suggestions as well as those not to invest in. I found the description, purpose, pros and cons of each very informative and easy to understand.

Mr. Maze also hit on a subject that I already believed and that is the "dumbing down" of Americans. Knowledge is priceless and through knowledge we, as well as our children (and their children) can learn to play the financial game by our own rules. The economic state of this country is only getting worse and the importance of teaching children at an early age is crucial for them to live debt free lives. Mr. Maze mentions an age to start of 8 or 9 however I feel children should be brought up with it as a way of life from birth. I don't feel it should be something that is introduced to them at the age of 8 or 9 like a new food to taste and see if they like it. At that age children are already set in their ways and they already know if they don't like it which means they may not willing to taste it again.

I highly recommend this book for old and young alike. The author says it best, "Being successful is living comfortably and prospering." If we all followed the steps outlined for us, we will prosper.

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