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April 16, 2013

Book Twenty of my 2013 Goal

Nataliee's Alien Nightmare (The War Eagle Abductions)Nataliee's Alien Nightmare by Markus S Fredericks
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Nataliee's Alien Nightmare: The War Eagle Abductions by Marcus S. Fredericks and Bob De Long is interesting before I even began reading the actual story. In the beginning of the book it has a section about each author. According to this section Markus S. Fredericks has seen an UFO in 1967 in Washington. Through a chat room for fellow UFO believers Fredericks (now a believer) started e-mails with a fellow poster, Bob De Long. Apparently he (Bob) was abducted by aliens as a young man while he was in Cuba. Together they wrote this book which they call 'fact-based fiction' with Bob De Long's "ominous sounding message to the world".

The story starts off with a sheriff and his deputy driving down the road and seeing a girl walking barefoot in a fancy dress. He wondered if this could be the Nataliee Cunningham who was missing for three months, ever since her high school prom. She had gone to the prom and left it with her date, Anthony but was never seen or heard from since. Anthony was questioned and he told of some wild story about aliens and how they levitated Nataliee in a beam of blue light and took her in their spacecraft. Naturally no one believed his story and he was committed to an institution while everyone feared he killed Nataliee and buried her body somewhere.

Turns out this girl was indeed Nataliee, the main character of the story. Nataliee is well developed and even made more interesting by her sixth sense or better known as ESP. Nataliee recovers her lost memory and also confirms Anthony's story of her being levitated into a spacecraft. She said she was able to escape with help from other girls who were held captive there. They created a diversion for her to escape with the promise she would come back and rescue them. The spacecraft is in a cave on the side of a nearby mountain and she also tells of one very important person that she needs to rescue, her newborn son. Nataliee also shares what she knows about the aliens which include the way they 'take nourishment' and that there are different kinds of aliens with some sort of chain of command among them. She also tells how they use their weapons and how our modern weapons are useless against them and why.

The other characters in the story are developed enough for each of their roles. The sheriff and deputy seem like they are at each other's throats with the sheriff being very racist. They do really like each other in a weird sort of humorous way and remind me of Laural and Hardy hillbilly style. Anthony has deep feelings for Nataliee and his son that he hasn't even seen yet. The ones I would say are the least developed would be the other girls being held in the spaceship however their roles are not that huge of a factor in the story and enough is told about each of them so you get the understanding of who they are as well as how long they have been there and what they are going through.

The storyline which includes alien abductions and unfriendly aliens is nothing new. There are countless stories about that but what is new is the way this story is written with humor yet the storyline is not funny. It is also written with real alien encounters in mind and by that I mean that if you ever hear of real UFO sightings (we all heard about Area 51 and what they claim happened there) or the little 'greys' as so many describe them over the years, this story has those descriptions in it complete with the medical examinations and much more. It is a fast paced, humorous, chilling, and parts are downright sickening story all the way to the ending which I may add has me left with some unanswered questions. Then again, this would have been one of the authors goals since this is only the first book in the series. They would have wanted to give their readers enough to hook them yet leaving them with enough questions or curiosity to buy the next book and it sure worked on me.

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