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April 5, 2013

Book Fifteen of my 2013 Goal

A Spiritual Journey Into Quantum Reality (Volume 1, A 21st Century Owner's Manual for Humans)A Spiritual Journey Into Quantum Reality by Bonnie Jean LC
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I don't even know where to start with A Spiritual Journey Into Quantum Reality: Volume 1, A 21st Century Owner's Manual for Humans by Bonnie Jean LC and Michael Green MD. I guess I should make it clear that this is not a story, it is more of a 'how to' book. The authors explain what, where, why and how from the very basic such as happiness to the more "weird" of Quantum Physics. In short, it is about the quantum science of spirituality.

The goal of the authors is to show how we all live our lives in a world that is not real and explain how to change it. According to the book we live in a reality that we each create and live our lives against the constant ticking of a clock. Time is the key because there really is no time, there is only the here and now. This is the quantum reality as it really exists. Until we accept this and change our way of thinking, feeling, and experiencing life we are all living in a made-up reality where pain, darkness, and suffering exist. A world with limits and where spiritual growth is difficult if not next to impossible.

The way the book is structured is very easy to read although to be honest with you, it would help if you have some knowledge of quantum physics. I don't so I am having a bit of a time with it but I am not totally lost thanks to the authors explanations which are put in everyday terms complete with diagrams when needed. Many times they are actual personal events that are picked apart piece by piece so the reader can understand what is being said as well as the references to experiments and studies that were done. So why am I having a hard time with this book? I just can't grasp some of the concepts. I understand what is being said, for example: "The holographic principle states that each point on a 2D (flat) holographic picture will contain all the information needed to form the complete 3D image". I know what a 2D and 3D picture is so there is no problem there, it is when we cut a 2D holographic photo into many fragments and every piece of it will project a 3D image which is complete in every detail that I get lost on. I also can't get over that time does not exist, it is an allusion as well as death. If that is the case then I have to think in the here and now because there is no such thing as yesterday or for that matter tomorrow.

On the other hand, there is a lot that I do understand although I never really think of it on a conscious level. Subjects like attitude, meditation, mind over matter, and thinking vs. consciousness which I found very interesting. Another area covered is right brain and left brain thinking and the differences. I also found the whole topic on thought/mind/ego interesting plus the way that quotes either from the bible or just different people are used. The quote itself may make a bit of sense when reading it but after the explanation is given then the quote, it really makes sense. For example as I said earlier, time doesn't exist and then quote from Wheeler, "The past is only theory and it does not exist until invented by one's mind (Thought/Mind/Ego) to explain its observations of apparent beginnings and endings." Now I understand the quote even if I don't really understand time being an illusion.

This is the type of book that I can't read and understand all in a few days or even weeks. This needs some reflection and investigation as well as time to 'just let it sink in'. It is one which I will have to read certain chapters over and over to understand it and of course there is a possibility that I never will 'get it'. After all, all things are possible and miracles happen everyday.

With the authors recapping and restating what is learned in each chapter and the recalls from one chapter to another (what was learned) as well as all the reference studies, I think any reader with an average IQ can understand this book if they are willing to put the time into it. As I said, I don't understand the whole thing but even I have gotten some useful information I can use to create harmony in my life. For this reason, I do recommend it.

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