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April 9, 2013

Book Sixteen of my 2013 Goal

Kaylee's GhostKaylee's Ghost by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you like reading about ghosts, psychic abilities, family bonds and everyday life that is not so much an everyday day, then Kaylee's Ghost by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro is the book for you. This delightful story will keep you turning page after page. It is far from a typical boring 'soap opera' story. The plot is great and has so many twists and turns it kept me guessing who was going to do what next. I didn't read "Miriam the Medium" and was not at a loss as this book stands on its own.

Both Miriam and her granddaughter, Violet have psychic abilities but it must have skipped a generation because Cara, Miriam's daughter and mother to Violet does not. Not only can they 'see' things that will take place in the future but they can in the past as well. Top it off, they can talk to and see ghosts or spirits as some call them. This becomes a real problem when Miriam encourages Violet's gift despite Violet's mother's wishes to have her lead a normal life. As it is Violet already has no more friends. She isn't invited to parties or to play dates because she doesn't understand you are not suppose to tell everyone's business in public. She would blurt out things about the other child's parent and when the parents found out that she was telling their secrets (Your mother is having a tummy tuck today!) they wouldn't allow their child to play with her and would even go so far as to switch their classrooms so they didn't have to be near her. This 'gift' was more like a 'curse' in Cara's eyes.

Miriam does readings and has her normal clients. One of these clients is Kaylee who contacts her often for a reading. Kaylee had just lost her mother not long ago and she was thinking of going somewhere to 'relax' and her mother told Miriam to tell her not to go. Miriam knew how much Kaylee needed this 'vacation' and told her to go but it ended with disastrous results and now Miriam blames herself for lying to Kaylee. She knew if she had told her the truth, Kaylee wouldn't have gone and none of this would have happened. This really turned Miriam off about being psychic and gives up her clients and learns to ignore her abilities.

In the meantime, Cara is having a crisis in her marriage and they don't see eye to eye about how to bring Violet up or how to deal with her abilities. There is a lot of tension in the family and things come to a head when Violet disappears one night from her bed. The whole family, in laws included must come together for Violet's sake and their own. Not an easy task when ghosts are involved and there is so much guilt, resentment, even snootiness but this is either a bonding time for them all or a time that will rip them apart forever.

I realize I am not making it sound interesting but believe me it is. I just can't write more because I don't want to put any spoilers in it. It was a great story and the characters were all fully developed. I couldn't help feel a connection with them and when little Violet was in a crisis I even could feel my own heart sink. You may need a tissue box not far offhand but be prepared for some laughs too. I recommend this book!

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