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April 12, 2013

Book Nineteen of my 2013 Goal

Summary: Little Prisoners by Casey WatsonSummary: Little Prisoners by Casey Watson by Save Time Summaries
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Summary: Little Prisoners by Casey Watson is by Save Time Summaries. This is a summary of the book and not the full version book itself. This goes through each chapter in the book and summarizes the chapter and then notes the "Key Take-Away" point in that chapter. I really like the way this is structured and the summary of the chapter is enough to know what went on without the page after page of reading the full version of the book. The "Key Take-Away" is usually a sentence or two that condenses the summary down to a main point. For example; Chapter Five is three paragraphs long and about what Casey hears and observes from the two children that makes her think they were sexually abused. The "Key Take-Away" is one sentence long that states Casey believes the children have been sexually abused based on their comments and actions.

The Summary of...(insert any of their book titles here) by Save Time Summaries are great especially if it is a long novel that you were assigned to do a report on or have a test in. The summary would make studying a lot easier since it is the main points of the chapter and the key points. This also would be especially useful when you have a lot of dates or places to remember such as something in history like a war however on the book of "Little Prisoners" I think it isn't necessarily a good thing because it is like reading a review of a book that tells you what went on including the ending but the drama, the connection with the characters, the heartache and shock of it all is lost. In the book "Little Prisoners" all of that is part of the story, it is what gets the reader involved emotionally. Because it is non-existent in the summary I do not think it works for a book like this. I feel cheated because so much of the emotional part is lost.

So in short, I think the summary is great if you want to know what the book is all about and what happens without all the connections and emotions. The structure and content is good however if you are thinking this is a great way to read the book "Little Prisoners" in a short amount of time I am afraid you will be disappointed. So depending on what you are looking for, this may or may not be the way to go.

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