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December 24, 2013

Book Forty of my 2013 Goal

Collection of Poetry and Prose: From Young MysticCollection of Poetry and Prose: From Young Mystic by Evan Shaw
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Collection of Poetry and Prose: from Young Mystic by Evan Shaw is a little different than any poetry book I have read in the past. I am not a poetry major and don't claim to be so I can't tell you about the structure of it nor the patterns, all I can tell you is that I do enjoy poetry which is why I read it and I can tell you what I see and feel about this book.

Evan's insight adds to these works of poetry in such a way that it goes hand in hand with the works, it doesn't take away or overpower any of it. His insight and knowledge is quite impressive. The collection of poetry and prose are varied with subject, time, and rhythm (some do rhyme, some not so much) as well as the overall 'feel' and I enjoyed it all even though some I thought should have gone just a bit further as they seemed unfinished in thought, such as "The New Atlantis." Then again, it is possible I am just not 'getting it' and their is nothing missing. It is hard to say because different people can all read the same poem or prose and it can mean different things. It is possible that is what is happening here. (I did enjoy it just the same.)

As far as the overall book is concerned, I found it oddly formatted. The whole thing was centered and at times I wasn't sure what I was reading, a poem, prose, or what. As I got into it though, I did get use to it and was able to tell (for the most part) which is which. I also wish the title of the poem was at the top of the page and I know this is just a formatting issue but it does take a little away from it because a couple of times I had to turn back to catch the title that was sitting on the very bottom of the previous page although the prior poem ended at the top of that same page.

I think anyone who enjoys poetry and prose will enjoy this even with (to me) the odd format of the book so I do recommend it.

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