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December 20, 2013

Book Thirty Seven of my 2013 Goal

Seven Point Eight : The Second Chronicle  (7.8 , #2)Seven Point Eight : The Second Chronicle by Marie Harbon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Seven Point Eight: The Second Chronicle' by Marie Harbon is a very long story that fits into so many different genres/sub-genres I am not even sure where to put it. It is a fiction for sure but it also fits into: romance, mystery, sci-fiction, action, fantasy, horror, thriller, and I am sure many more. It sounds overwhelming but believe me, this author really worked it all in to create a glued-to-your-kindle type of story. With each turn of the page she had me wanting to know what was going to happen next because there are so many twists and turns and "where did that come from?" moments that I wasn't able to predict many of the outcomes at all.

This story dives deep into the characters and their development. I really don't recall reading a book in the past that was this deep. I know so much about the main characters that I sometimes even know their thoughts and that's all done as part of the story; it is worked in, in such a way where this development serves to heighten the story and my understanding of it. Even with this superior level of depth to the characters, I couldn't really describe the main characters as pure good or evil, it was more of a struggle between the two: where fairies come into the light, where inner demons hide in the shadows. It is what I call intense!

As far as the story itself goes, some of the descriptive scenes of other dimensions made me want to sleep with my light on. The author makes it so real that I could swear I smell the rotting flesh right along with the main character. Not only are these scenes described with such intensity but so are feelings. Although I don't really call the actual sexual acts in the book very descriptive (it isn't a hard core sex book) it does take place several times and while this is happening, it is the psychological (not the physical) descriptions that are amazing.

The main plot deals with the OOBE project and there are many layers and sub-plots to this story. I didn't realize it when I started the book but as I read on they developed right there between the pages which kept it a fast paced, action packed read. Now that I read the whole book I can say they are all handled in way that is not confusing and you are not left hanging on wondering what that was all about. I am not saying it didn't end with a twisted cliff-hanger because it did but all the loose ends are tied up and once again you are left with the question that needs to be answered in the next book.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fictions with love, tragedy, experiments of time/dimensional travel. (As I said, there is a lot more to this book but you really need to like at least those to enjoy this book.)

*I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.

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