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January 4, 2014

Book 1 of 2014my Goal

Lost and FoundLost and Found by Brandon Meyers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have been putting off reviewing Lost and Found by Brandon Mayers & Bryan Pedas for weeks because I am at a loss how to do it without including spoilers or repeating what the authors already wrote. Let me start by saying I am not a professional reviewer (up until a few weeks ago I didn't even know they existed) or a writer, I am simply someone who enjoys reading. With that being said, lets get to it.

The book is in two parts, part one takes place decades before part two so each part has different main characters. These characters are not developed to the point where you know a whole lot about them prior to what happens in the book however they are developed enough where you understand the who, the what, and the why, that happens in the story. Because of this, I felt no connection with any of the characters and it was like the story played out in front and I was an outsider looking in. It is totally possible the authors intended it this way, I really don't know. I am not saying it wasn't entertaining, what I am saying is it is different than most books where I at least feel some sort of a connection with one or more of the characters or I am transported right into the setting of the story sometimes even feeling like I am a part of it or in the same room as the characters.

Some of the lines in the book seemed a bit 'off' and the one that really bothered me was, "He stepped out into the lobby like a zombie, arms waving slowly in front of him as he made his way to the front desk." Where did that come from? There are no zombies in this book. It would have flowed much nicer if he used different terminology or by simply saying he was trying to feel his way through the darkness. Other than this (which I should add may be just due to my personal taste) the story flowed through each part and I had no problem switching from part one to part two.

The story itself I thought was quite interesting. It had me turning page after page and what I thought was happening isn't what really happened. I was quite surprised a few times about the turn of events and I just loved the way it all came together from the different times and perspectives of the characters. The pace was good, slow in parts but it needed to be and not so slow that it came to a screeching halt. The length was good for this novella (a little over 100 pages) because it told the story and wasn't full of fillers, it stayed to the plot. Even the cover of the book has significance and once you read it, you will see it for yourself. The ending was fantastic!

So to sum it up, I would rate this as a good ghost/paranormal story, I liked it and feel it is definitely worth reading.

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