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December 15, 2012

Book 54 of My 2012 Goal

Deadly Chaos (Spirit Saver Series, #1)Deadly Chaos by Annette Brownlee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deadly Chaos by Annette Brownlee is book one in the Spirit Savers Series. If I were to gauged the series on this book I would have to say it will quench the thirst of those into paranormal, romance and mystery. Deadly Chaos has all three and was an interesting and entertaining read that had me turning page after page.

Annie was given the nickname Chaos by her father and the name fit her well. Where ever Chaos went you could be sure there was going to be trouble. Everyone she gets close to ends up dead starting with her birth where her mother died. Chaos was convinced she was cursed and lived her life not getting close to anyone else again. She started a landscaping business and things seemed to go fine until one of her clients neighbors (Bill) forced his way into her home to rape her. Chaos fought off the attacker with the only weapon she could reach and as fate would have it, she killed the attacker. (Was it fate or maybe it was her curse?) To you or I this wouldn't be a problem since it was self-defense but since Chaos has a habit of leaving a trial of bodies where she goes this is a real problem and the last thing she wants is more problems with the police. Her workers understood her problem of not wanting to get the police involved and they take care of the body for her.

Chaos continues to see "Dead Bill" and figures either she has gone crazy or her guilt is getting to her and she is having hallucinations. Either way she wants to rid herself of Dead Bill and goes on a vacation only to find that he still shows up. Determined to get to the bottom of it she sets out to learn what she can about ghosts. She doesn't believe in ghosts but she knows something is going on, something more than her imagination. (Or, was she just in need of a padded room?) She ends up at the 'Spirit Savers' which is a paranormal group who tries to help people with ghost/spirit problems. It is with the help of this group where she finds that she herself has 'superpowers' as she called them. She also has an attraction to one of the members, Dakota. Only problem is Dakota thinks she is trouble and he wants no part of her however other forces are in play here. With the help of this group Chaos learns the truth and so much more, things she never even dreamed of.

The story had me hooked from the beginning. The characters were developed nicely throughout the story and I felt a connection with Annie (Chaos) who is the main character. The story flowed pretty steady forward and there were no real 'dead spots' in it. There were some twists and surprises and the ending really was a shocker. (I look forward to the next book in the series, Deadly Intent.) I recommend this book to adults that enjoy the paranormal/ghost type stories.

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