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December 31, 2012

Book 58 of My 2012 Goal

Girls to the Rescue: The Royal JoustGirls to the Rescue: The Royal Joust by Bruce Lansky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this to my granddaughter and didn't realize it was for girls 7 1/2 to 13 when I got it. She is only 4 but luckily my older granddaughter (14) was here too and she listened to the story as well as explain what a joust is and a few other things. So I will say a young child will not know what some of the things in the book are but even so it is a good book to read and explain what these things are to a younger child. The book is easy so a child of the recommended ages can certainly read it for themselves. You really don't get much character development in this type of a story except a name and how they are related to one another. In this case it is a brother and sister relationship and the mother is at the beginning and end. It has good values for the most part....a sister caring and helping her brother, wanting him to win, etc. I can say I enjoyed the story and so did the kids. The comment from my older Granddaughter is...."Finally a girl is the hero."

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